Martin Hutchinson Folk acoustic contemporary Irish

November 2007

"We will shurely have you back again Martin. It was a pleasure
to  have you in the club"   Jean & Susanne Haller , Haslev Folk Club, Denmark.

To whom it may concern:
Martin Hutchinson performed a one day song writing workshop for on November 3rd 2007. The workshop was a brilliant success and I would
recomend him for any such event. He is knowledgeable in the art of song
writing and has the gift of being able to pass that knowledge on.
I would recommend Martin to run any songwriting workshop.

Clonmel Song Contest &
Ardfinnan, Clonmel, Co Tipperary, Ireland.

Emmen: 15 maart 2007

HET CONCERT VAN 25 februari van Martin Hutchinson

Het was een genot om Martin solo bezig te zien. Lange tijd trad hij op met zijn band, maar zijn optreden heeft aan kracht niets ingeboet nu hij alleen op de planken staat (zit). Hij bespeelde zijn gitaar met ongekende virtuositeit en veel variatie.
Van het publiek kreeg hij dan ook de volle aandacht en enthousiasme over zich heen.

Van: anthony
Verzonden: maandag 12 maart 2007 9:03
Aan: Martin Hutchinson
Onderwerp: Re: concert in De Studio
Hello Martin  The concert was a blast...I enjoyed it very much, and I must give you extra did not only perform very well...I enjoyed the whole show...You did a great job Martin, I was surprised by the power of you alone on stage....Thank you for that !!!
 Kind regards

Van: René Warny
Verzonden: zondag 4 maart 2007 0:20
Onderwerp: Toogenblik, Haren
Dear Martin,

Once more I would like to congratulate you on your excellent concert yesterday in Toogenblik, my favourite venue. It's a very nice place where I've been going to for many many years. I've become quite familiar with the organisers and other regulars there and feel at ease in their company. What is so nice too is the contact you can have with the artists and the chats with them during and after the gigs.
I am quite sure that you felt at ease there too and that you appreciated our response.
Hoping to hear from you and to meeting you again.  
Keep on writing such good songs as the ones you treated us with yesterday.

Nieuws Brief:

Van: Hille Faber
Verzonden: donderdag 22 februari 2007 20:04
Aan: Martin Hutchinson
Onderwerp: Re: Martin Hutchinson

 Hello Martin,

 Excuse me for my late response, I was busy this week!
Well you did a good job last sunday! You are getting
better every time!
Your CD was her on wednesday, thanks very much! I
brought Trudy her CD. She also enjoyed your gig.
Well Martin you will hear from me ,when I have got
a gig for you!

Van: Ron Janssen
Verzonden: zaterdag 13 januari 2007 11:54
Aan: Martin Hutchinson
Onderwerp: Celtic Surprise
Hi Martin,

Did you arrive home savely? It was a great evening and there was a nice audience. I heard your new cd for the first time this morning, and I love it. 
Have a nice weekend, and all the best,

Van: familie jorissen
Verzonden: zaterdag 13 januari 2007 13:03
Onderwerp: this time

Hello Martin,
I hope you had a safe trip home last night.
First thing I did this morning was listening to you CD while having  breakfast with my wife Henriette and the girls, and we all really  enjoyed it! It brought this warm, peaceful atmosphere in our livingroom and in my heart as well, just as your performance did last  night.
It was great meeting you again, even though we didn't talk that long  to each other.
I wish you all the best and hopefully we meet again!

Paul Jorissen.